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One of the most important decisions to make when designing and constructing a home is to talk to an experienced roofer about Roofing. There are many types of Roofing systems that can be applied to a building. A Roofing system is a roofing membrane, shingles, tiles, slates, or other protective surface designed to keep rain and other weather-related damage from damaging the building’s interior and exterior. A roof is often the largest covering of a structure, consisting of all structures and materials needed to support it on top of downright, providing maximum protection from rain, sun, snow, extreme temperatures, and wind. A roof is often a structural component of the whole building.

Most people associate Roofing with Rot, but that is not always true. Roofing is one of the leading causes of Algae Growth in residential Roofing systems due to moisture and constant contact with soil. A recent study showed that wood shingles and asphalt roofing materials do not reduce the growth of algae on homes built using these materials, even after a three-year inspection. On the contrary, residential roof systems constructed from concrete and stone, typically made of clay, are the primary culprits for Algae growth. These studies showed that the majority of growth observed on homes with clay roof systems was caused by improper installation and maintenance, such as water seepage, uneven installation, and weak materials used in construction.

Wood rot and wood shingles decay easily when exposed to the elements, especially in high humidity environments. Asphalt shingles are a more expensive choice in roofing materials, but also have a long track record of being effective at reducing rot. It is important to ensure that proper venting, drainage and ventilation systems are installed in a residential roofing system to effectively control moisture. It is common for people to build their own roof system from inexpensive materials, but these venting and ventilation systems should be monitored to prevent structural failure and damage to the roof. Properly installed and maintained roofs allow homes to be much more energy efficient, but it is important that the homeowner to inspect their roof once every 12 months to make sure that the roofing materials are still sound and performing as expected. Some roofing materials such as slate can crack with harsh weather and wind and must be replaced if cracked.

Asphalt is the most commonly installed roofing system, and is typically the most cost-effective option. It is also a very popular choice for residential homes because of its durability and cost effectiveness. Asphalt does require routine maintenance and repairs to keep them standing up against strong winds but does have the least amount of degradation caused by sunlight, heat or moisture. The asphalt shingles used in a typical average roof replacement usually last for decades when properly maintained.

Asphalt is composed primarily of petroleum based products and contains many man made chemicals which contribute to its degradation over time. If left unchecked, asphalt shingles will eventually become weak and crumble. When purchasing a new roof system, homeowners should purchase organic shingles which consist of organic materials and are stronger than asphalt shingles. Organic shingles are also more resistant to sunlight, heat and moisture. As a result of these properties, they are a more ideal choice for a new residential roof system. In addition, organic shingles are cost effective and require less maintenance.

Wood shingles are another roofing material that homeowners in the united states have on the roofs of their homes, but they’re not the most common or popular choice. Wood shingles are more expensive than asphalt shingles, but they require little maintenance and have the least amount of degradation over time. Wood shingles are most commonly used in northern states where temperatures and snowfall are high and consistent, but they can easily be adapted to southern states where temperatures are typically lower and less frequently variable.